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Case Studies
MetLase Smart Fixturing
MetLase demonstrates the power of adding sensors to existing industrial processes, and the positive impact of harvesting live in-process data can have, to improve the …
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MetLase Smart Bench
The MetLase Smart Bench solves the challenges faced by manufacturers across multiple sectors with almost all their manual assembly processes.
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OGV Foot to Vane Welding
MetLase were asked to develop an alternative fixture solution, with cycle time reduction and reduced variation as primary objectives.
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Welding Gas Shield
The welding process often requires inert gases to improve the quality of the weld. Gas shields provide a controlled atmosphere, protecting the weld from atmospheric …
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Automotive fuel tank SmartGauge
The customer currently uses the New Generation Fuel System blow molding process to produce plastic fuel systems. Due to the complicated nature of this process, …
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