Case Study

MetLase – Digitally-led & Manufacturing Solutions

MetLase Smart Bench

A digitally-enabled assembly workstation, which improves productivity, agility, quality and safety

The Challenge

The MetLase Smart Bench solves the challenges faced by manufacturers across multiple sectors with almost all their manual assembly processes.

Manual processes set manufacturers very specific challenges, such as:

  • A lack of real-time information and data, making process improvements very difficult
  • Product quality, or at best consistency, costs money and reputation
  • High levels of process change, as companies try to become more flexible, in their desire to become more resilient
  • Skills availability, especially attracting new talent

The Solution

MetLase have developed Smart Bench, a digitally-enabled assembly workstation for manual manufacturing processes. The workstation enables companies to implement Industry 4.0 technologies in a way that is customised to their specific need, covering almost all manual manufacturing processes.

The Result

MetLase Smart Bench has seen quantitative business benefits achievable through the analysis of the data collected. This previously unobtainable level of detail allows manufacturers to make these process improvements.

MetLase Smart Bench can improve quality by verifying each process step during assembly, ensuring no faults are carried forward and reduces operational times by giving clear digital work instructions and operator aids.

Full process traceability and automated data analysis identifies process improvement actions and are the foundation for machine learning opportunities.