A new digitally-led engineering technology
adding value and solving problems for high value manufacturers
Already recognised by some of the world's leading manufactuers
as part of their digitisation journey for Industry 4.0
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Our world class engineers apply the unique, patented MetLase technology to develop products and digital services to help transform productivity and realise the vision of tooling and fixturing required by Industry 4.0 manufacturing of the future.

Why MetLase?

MetLase has the unique ability to apply patented techniques, honed in the demanding aerospace industry, to a vast range of problems across all manufacturing sectors, and all parts of the value chain, and to do so with amazing speed and precision. We combine excellence in mechanical engineering, innovation and ingenuity to deliver a valuable new service for British manufacturing.

We can reduce lead times from more than three months to less than one week.

Our work has been measured as repeatable to within 20 microns.

From research to aftermarket service, MetLase can help your business at any stage in the production cycle.

Our agility delivers value to your business right away

We have developed digital instruction in-line process validation through machine learning fixtures.

We can design and manufacture iterations within hours to accelerate product and process development.

Our engineers develop simple, practical solutions to your problems.

Our tools, techniques and solutions can be utilised in any manufacturing sector.

The Metlase Manufacturing Masterclass Webinar Series

As manufacturing seeks to modernise, streamline, increase productivity and reduce costs, our Masterclass will explore new techniques for leaders in R&D, Technology, Innovation, Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement and Aftermarket.

Sign up here for one – or for all of the webinars – to hear more from the experts.

Latest News

Covid-19 Ventilator Design & Manufacture

Responding to the Ventilator Challenge UK, MetLase developed its own ventilator design as well as enclosure designs for the Spiritus ventilator AND bespoke manufacturing workstations for Rolls Royce to manufacture the Smiths Medical paraPAC Plus ventilators.
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MetLase chief urges industry to ‘flex’ its technologies to support Covid-19 recovery

Steve Dunn, Managing Director of Rolls-Royce and Unipart joint venture business MetLase, believes the firm’s pioneering work in the Ventilator Challenge UK consortium highlights how technology proven in the aerospace sector has been used in other sectors to help build the country’s manufacturing resilience and support reshoring activities that are slowly picking up pace.
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Stephen Burgess, Director, Rolls Royce, Manufacturing Technology

“Rolls-Royce uses MetLase technology across manufacturing, assembly, development and repair activities, with excellent results – many of which could not be done any other way. Over the space of the few years, MetLase’s contribution has grown dramatically delivering large savings and significant process capability improvements across the company.”