Problem Solving

At MetLase, we solve problems. Our engineers relish the opportunity to match their tools and ingenuity to your specific issues. We design, make and commission your solutions in-house, often moving from problem to solution in one week. Our depth of experience enables us to incorporate pre-designed components into bespoke solutions. We also have a range of products that we can adapt for you.

We work with you to address your problem and make sure that you get a bespoke solution, using the materials you need, with the precision you require and in a time which will amaze you. Whether you have an emerging technical issue, or an age-old headache, our simple, novel approach creates new ways of solving complex problems.

We can help take the risk out of new product innovation and provide a safe environment to develop your products. Our distortion-free assembly guarantees repeatability to within 20 microns and our rapid manufacturing methods give you the time to iterate your designs. Similarly, we can help you to introduce new processes to reduce time and cost, increase accuracy and maximise ease of use.

If you require a solution around any of the following, we’re confident we can help:

Lead time reduction

Everyone experiences long production lead times. At MetLase, we’ve tackled that problem many times for our clients.

Precision and repeatability

Precision, accuracy and repeatability are key to the successful delivery of quality parts. We can minimise variation: parts are all the same, even when copies are many years later: MetLase’s technology and methods ensure repeatability to within microns.

Technical challenges

Your technical challenges can be solved, whether new or old. The ingenuity of our engineers and the precision of our technology can address the most steadfast of sticking points.

Costs of tooling

Tooling costs are frequently a concern, especially for smaller organisations. MetLase can help you to get the most value out of your product.

New product prototyping

New product introduction can be a risky process; MetLase can help you to minimise that risk with rapid design and iteration. You don’t have to make the best of your first attempt any more! Furthermore, we can produce small numbers of parts, as well as creating the tools to enable scalable manufacturing.


Improving productivity is a constant aim of the modern company. We at MetLase have helped many clients to make products faster, more precisely, cheaper and more efficiently.

Urgent deadlines

Approaching deadlines? Programme slippage? Time is an ever-threatening factor? MetLase can help you reach a solution with a speed that might restore your timeline.


How do you adapt to emerging problems? By iterating your product to create an emerging solution. MetLase has helped clients solve problems they learned about even at very late stages in production.


Precision and technology previously only available to the aerospace sector is now available to all. We offer you the flexibility to apply these solutions to any manufacturing sector.