Inert Gas Shielding for High Integrity Welding

Providing controlled argon delivery that guarantees highest integrity welds – deployed for research and development applications and full production.


The welding process often requires inert gases to improve the quality of the weld. Gas shields provide a controlled atmosphere, protecting the weld from atmospheric gases such as oxygen or water vapour, to better than 10 parts per million.

MetLase was asked to design and produce a system for controlled argon delivery within shielded welding with application to R&D and full production.


Using an initial design and iterating it based on operator feedback, MetLase used the precision laser cutter and proprietary joining methodology to create a capable and operator friendly device. Repeat or similar designs can be made within two weeks of the request through the application of parametric design methods.


Use of the fixture has resulted in a 14% reduction in welding rework. Its flexible design has allowed it to be deployed across civil (large) engine variants with MetLase now the sole supplier of gas shields for a major aero engine manufacturer.


Quality: Repeatable fixtures resulted in over 14% reduction in welding rework

Fast Make: Capable fixture, incorporating operator feedback, similar designs can be delivered within 2 weeks of request

Cost Saving: Deployment across civil engine variants has given significant savings via capable and repeatable process enhancement

The CAD design for this welding gas shield.
The gas shield, shown clamped onto the vane, before welding.
The Argon is flowing, and the weld is performed in an oxygen-free environment.
View from further back, showing the vane, the welding operator, and the MetLase gas shield.