The MetLase Manufacturing Masterclass Webinar Series

As manufacturing seeks to modernise, streamline, increase productivity and reduce costs, our Masterclass will explore new techniques for leaders in R&D, Technology, Innovation, Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement and Aftermarket.

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Welding and Joining – faster, rapid, accurate manufacture of bespoke fixtures

15th October,  3pm GMT, 11am EST

Jigging and tooling is a complex business, especially where you have complex shapes, difficult to handle items and exotic materials, which must be assembled to tight tolerances.

In this webinar we will explore how advances in fixture design techniques and materials handling are making this tooling much more suited to these activities. And in many cases the tools and jigs can be automated in harmonious synchronicity – improved and shortened production times – whilst also ensuring every process is implemented in exactly the same way.

Process efficiency – flexible automation for complex manufacturing processes 

19th November,  3pm GMT, 11am EST

We help companies get far more flexibility from automation equipment such as robotic arms, by creating customisable solutions which enables them to perform a broader range of processes.

Fixtures and tooling which can either be adapted by our customers – to suit a wider range of processes and products through modular design and function – or bespoke solutions, which are far quicker than conventional fixturing and tooling processes.

Developing composite processes – the emergence of new manufacturing technology

17th December, 3pm GMT, 11am EST

There are specific challenges for the manufacture of composite components. 

In this webinar, we will cover multiple stages of the process including “pre-form” checking fixtures, bonding fixtures and assembly fixtures incorporating Common Datum – solutions that align the datum systems of a customer’s component with multiple process fixtures.

Leading to lighter tooling and end effectors, smaller robots and greater accuracy.

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