Turbine Seal Strips

Two full engine sets of turbine seal strips, at lead-times previously unobtainable.

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CMM Inspection Fixture

Verification that the blade profile is within the co-ordinate measuring machine probe-path envelope, using an integrated laser sensor built into the fixture.

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Gas Shields for Welding

Providing controlled argon delivery for a repeatable welding environment, for research and development applications through to full production.

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Robot Welding Fixture (PROVE)

A fixture developed with higher accuracy, to allow robot welding of lightweight exhaust systems, making a 47% mass-reduction possible.

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Guided Machining Processes

Enabling accurate profile control, for in-situ machining operations.

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Insertion Alignment Tool

Assembly of a cryogenically-frozen interference-fitted component to a tight angular tolerance, with selective compliance in the location-plane.

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Profiling Fixture

Removing manual variability, by guiding a cutter to profile composite liners, before installation into the engine.

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